Our company

Nativa Produce

Our Company
We are a company specialized in innovation and evaluation of the performance of the fruit farm. Implementing our thinking: "a fruit can change the world" to the entire production cycle, from sowing, harvesting, packaging to national and international distribution.
Gerente General y Gerente de Proyectod

OUR DIFFERENTIAL is the search for new technologies that improve the efficiency, quality and profitability of fruit production worldwide

Our differential

Dario Cano (CEO) y Javier Lopez (PMO)

Our mission

We are a company dedicated to the commercialization and export of a wide variety of Horti-Fruticolas products, with the highest levels of quality; Committed to the environment, the community and the sustainable development of the country.

Our vision

Nativa Produce, will be in 2020 a recognized company in the foreign market, as the best option for the purchase of Horti-Fruticolas products, for its seriousness, compliance and quality in its products and processes.
Nosotros vemos calidad y procesos tecnificados


Quality and trust

1. Ensure that products and services meet the satisfaction required by our customers
2. Deepen the knowledge of the needs and expectations of customers, establishing strategic plans and objectives in line with the needs.
3. Ensure compliance with legal commitments.
4. Optimize the operation of the processes through quality and efficiency.
5. Promote a positive environment of development, participation and training with employees.

Work continuously to deliver export products of the highest level of quality, complying with the specifications of the international market for the complete satisfaction of customers and consumers, promoting the implementation of the system that guarantees the total safety of the products with the incorporation of safe processes for the welfare and benefit of its customers, workers, partners and suppliers, as well as the protection of the environment.
The main value of this company is its own workers, who
with their daily effort and commitment to the defined quality policy are the
authentic pillars of this organization. In addition, the management establishes that
Respect the quality policy so that our customers always obtain
products with guarantee.

Certifications in process

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